Monday, August 8, 2011

Kidorable Rain Boots Review and Discount!

Kidorable is one of my favorite brands for kids. How they combine fun, imagination, style, and function just amazes me. As parents, we know the daily struggles of getting out kids to put on the hats and gloves or wear a raincoat. Kidorable takes these completely functional products to a whole new level! 

They have a variety of themes for your little one to pick from. Everything from firemen to ballerinas to frogs or ladybugs. Dinosaurs, pirates, cats, or mermaids... there is a style for every personality! If your child is anything like mine, they will no longer fight the hats and gloves but will ask for them and wear them around the house just for the fun of it!

We have a bunch of Kidorable products in my house. My daughter loves them! But we don't have any of their rain boots. So when the opportunity arose for me to check them out for myself, I jumped at it and ordered the ballerina style to match my daughter's raincoat and umbrella.
As soon as we opened the box she started asking to put them on. So I handed them over to see what she could do. She sat down and easily slipped each boot on and stood up proudly. I love that she can get them on herself because she is in that independent phase where she wants my help as little as possible.

I am thrilled with the quality of these boots. The inside lining is soft and allows for the foot to slide in. Once it's in the foot seems to be secure. I ordered a size up so that she could grow into them and her foot is not sliding out. The rubber exterior seems sturdy and the design is fantastic! She loves them and so do I.

Now I just need to figure out how to get her to save them for rainy days and not want to wear them all day every day!

From ballerinas to butterflies, from frogs to firemen, we have styles that enrich growing imaginations.  August 8-22, you can get 20% off these adorable boots when you use coupon code SCHOOL at


Emmi said...

I LOVE kidorable too! My little one has a jacket and rainboots now I just need to get both for my son...LOL. BTW- I love Leah's little skirt. Too cute!

Lara said...

Isn't their stuff fantastic! Yeah, she loves to wear that skirt with everything... haha!

Jenerally Speaking said...

How cute are those!! Love her boots and that sweet grin on her face!

Show Me Mama said...

These boots are so cute on her. I personally love pink and the little one loves blue, so I have to find something that will have both colors. She is so cute!!! Thanks for sharing