Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Almost Naked Animals - DVD Review

On September 25, 2012
Volume 1 of Almost Naked Animals
will be available on DVD!

Almost Naked Animals is one of the top-ranked animated shows for kids 6-11 years old. It can be found on the Cartoon Network here in the US and on YTV in Canada. The episodes run every weekday and last about 22 minutes. Each episode includes 2 11-minute segments full of fun!

The Almost Naked Animals is a group of very quirky characters with big personalities. Perhaps the most appealing feature of these animals to kids is the fact that they are wearing their underwear. But they are a truly loveable group that doesn't always seem to have their act together and personalities that sometimes clash. The Banana Cabana never has a dull moment with these characters in charge.

This show is definitely geared towards kids with it's humor. I would definitely imagine the 6-11 year olds laughing it up throughout the show. But as an adult it wasn't a bad show to watch. It had some adult humor that wasn't inappropriate, but may have been over the kids head. So it is something parents could watch with their kids.

Now here's some exciting news for fans of the show. On September 25th you will be able to join an online community at There you will be able to play an exciting game, Cabana Craze, where you can run the Banana Cabana as some of your favorite characters from the show! You will also be able to get great gear featuring the Almost Naked Animals! With t-shirts, notebooks, tote bags and more available at a new online store!

I would recommend that you check out Almost Naked Animals and get a glimpse of the fun for yourself. And get ready because season 3 will be kicking off soon!

*I received products to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.