Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baby Update!

I saw this cute little questionnaire over Little BGCG and thought it would be fun to do! It will also help me bring you all up to date on baby happenings.

How Far Along: 25 weeks!

Due Date: December 24th (but c-section will be scheduled about one week before - yay! I will be home for Christmas! I think that's the only thing making the idea of a c-section bearable)

Boy or girl: Boy

Currently craving: Carbs! All I want to eat is carbs. The more pasta the better. Oh, and pancakes... yummm! French toast.. sounds good to me!

Currently Avoiding: Pretty much all meat. I've been eating it but haven't been wanting it. And the thought of it uncooked makes me feel sick.

Weight: I wouldn't have told you that before I was pregnant!  

Belly button status: Still in

Sleep grade: I am always tired! I sleep for 11 hours at night and wake up exhausted. I want to nap in the afternoons. Where is the second trimester burst of energy?

Recent Crazy Dream:  Oh gosh, I know I've had some! I've even woken up and shared them with my husband. But of course, now I can't remember any of them.

Evidence of pregnancy brain: Well, the fact that I can't remember any of my dreams. I've been forgetting a lot of stuff lately.

Symptoms?: I think I am finally over the nauseous feeling. Now my biggest struggles are the pure exhaustion and the aches and pains. My back is already bothering me, and when I have a really active day (like when we went to Sesame Place - I don't recommend it to pregnant mommas!) my legs and feet ache!

Health: Everything seems good! We had a couple of scares with the cervix length, but I have been checked several times and all seems to be good. They also sent me for an early glucose test since I failed with my daughter and she was so big, but I passed the early one. I will go for the regular one at 28 weeks.  

Movement: Thankfully he is active! I started to feel him at about 19 weeks and around 21 weeks he had strong kicks. Then I started to feel him a lot less and got worried. But the doctor reassured me it was still early and he was still small. Now at 25 weeks I feel him throughout the entire day!

Names: How does Baby Boy sound? That's pretty much where we are. He doesn't have a name but we are working on it!

Any Appointments?: Oh tons! We've had regular check ups, the anatomy scan, a CVS for genetic testing, extra ultra sounds for cervix measurements. 

Any baby related purchases?: Guilty. Carter's had some great sales so we got some cute outfits.

Best thing to happen in the past week/ Worst:
Best: Having a good check up on Tuesday..
Worst: Luckily it's been a good week! No major complaints.