Thursday, November 21, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide- Pound Puppies: Holiday Hijinks

Available Now on DVD

Can the Pound Puppies gang — Lucky, Niblet, Cookie, Strudel, Squirt and Mr. Nut-Nut — make sure that every pet has a family of their very own this holiday season? Find out in this merry-filled disc, packed with five of your all-time favorite holiday episodes!

Winner of the 2012 Humanitas Prize in Children’s Animation, the Pound Puppies series is currently airing on The Hub in the U.S. and YTV in Canada and stars the voices of Eric McCormack, Yvette Nicole Brown, Michael Rapaport, John DiMaggio, Alanna Ubach, René Auberjonois, and M. Emmet Walsh.

Episodes Include:
I Heard The Barks On Christmas Eve
I Never Barked For My Father
Good Dog, McLeish
Prince And The Pupper

My Thoughts:
As an animal lover and a holiday enthusiast this DVD is a welcome addition to our family's collection of holiday DVD's. There is something really special about the idea of a new puppy for Christmas. Of course, after watching this my daughter desperately wants a puppy for Christmas. Can we take a rain check, Santa?

My daughter loves watching Pound Puppies and I love having this DVD for this holiday season. Each episode is short and sweet and filled with holiday cheer. The puppies are each unique and have their own personalities. But they are truly the best of friends... all looking out for each other. It's a great DVD to share with your kids this holiday season.