Thursday, April 10, 2014

Keep It Fresh with Colgate Total

Spring has sprung and I am busy trying to freshen up my home. The windows are open, the closets are being switched from winter gear to summer dresses, and my spring cleaning is in full force. While I love having this yearly reminder to freshen up my home, I also use it as a reminder to freshen up myself. Pedicures are clearly in order, a new haircut makes a big difference... and this year I am also working on my smile and overall health.

Colgate Total has partnered with Dr. Natalie Strand (winner of The Amazing Race and contributor on The Doctors), to share tips on how to spring clean your health.

Dr. Natalie Strand’s Tips:
1.           Relax, Don’t Just Rest - Stress is a huge contributor to poor health, but many people don’t know how to manage it. People often mistake resting for relaxing, but it’s not the same. Learn some stress reducing techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation or meditation.

2.           Get A Spring Tune-up - Doctor’s appointments are important, but often pushed to the wayside. Make a list and schedule all your appointments at once: yearly check-ups, dental exams and cleanings, eye exams, etc.

3.           Improve Your Mouth Health - You’re already brushing your teeth twice a day so take the chance to switch to using oral care products that do more than just protect, but can actually help improve the health of your mouth. Using the Colgate Total® regimen is proven to eliminate fifteen times more bacteria and improve mouth health in two weeks. It’s a simple change with a powerful impact.

4.           Make Exercise Fun - Spring is the perfect time of year to combine exercise with social activities. Be creative to get endorphins pumping and think of things to do with friends such as taking a salsa class, archery lessons, or an evening walk around the neighborhood.

5.            Get Seasonal - Check out your local farmer’s market. Buy seasonal foods and try to incorporate them in your meals every day. Seasonal produce is more flavorful and densely packed with nutrients.

I was lucky enough to get to try out the Colgate Total Regimen. With just three simple steps my mouth has been feeling fresher, which leaves me feeling more confident and ready to enjoy getting out in the beautiful weather.

This regimen includes Healthy Teeth and Gums (Toothpaste), 4x Deeper* Reach (Toothbrush), and 12 Hour Protection (Mouthwash). While I like all three of these products, the one that I just fell in love with is the toothbrush. 

It is the coolest toothbrush I have ever used. It has all kinds of bumps and ridges all over it so you are cleaning all kinds of areas that are hard to reach and that you just don't normally brush. The first few times I used it I really felt like it was tickling my mouth. I even laughed out loud the first time. Now I am used to it and it feels more like a massage on my tongue and gums. And I truly feel cleaner after using it! I would definitely recommend you check out this quick, easy, and effective regimen. 

* I received free samples in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any way.