Thursday, April 10, 2014

More Fun From Frozen

Disney's Frozen is being talked about by kids and adults around the world. As moms... we all knew that this movie was a hit the moment we left the movie theater and all our kids could do was sing the songs and act out the scenes.

Well, we weren't wrong. The film has won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature and Best Song. The toys and merchandise are flying off the shelves faster then Marshmallow got Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf off the mountain, and the whole world is singing "Let It Go." So I am thrilled to talk to you about some fabulous ways to continue the fun of Frozen with books and an app.

I received a fabulous bundle in the mail that I knew would bring a smile to my daughter's face and inspire some great family reading time.

This amazing assortment of books has opened up a whole new world for my daughter. Disney Publishing is helping us to bring the story alive in a new way. Here is a little bit of information about each book and the app:
·         Frozen: Storybook Deluxe: Now available in Apple’s App Store, this digital storybook introduces early readers to Disney’s Frozen through all-new interactive features.  Children and families can relive the epic adventure by flipping the device upside-down to hear the story from sisters Anna and Elsa's points of view, using "ice craft" tools that let kids create and build their own frozen scenes and crystal palaces, and watching video clips from the film itself.

·         Frozen: A Sister More Like Me: Explore a wintery world of magic in Walt Disney Animation Studio's latest film, Frozen. This jacketed picture book features an original story about Anna and Elsa, the film's two sisters, as well as illustrations by one of the artists who worked on the film.

·         Frozen Read-Along Storybook and CD: This USA TODAY best-selling novel tells the story of fearless optimist Anna who sets off on an epic journey—to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls, and a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom.

·         Frozen: The Junior Novelization: This New York Times and USA TODAY best-selling novel retells the whole exciting story and features eight pages of full-color scenes from the movie!

·         Frozen: A Tale of Two Sisters: This USA TODAY best-selling novel retells the story of sisters Anna and Elsa in this 32 page Step Into Reading Level Two reader which brings the adventurous tale of Frozen to early readers ages 4-6.

We started with the Junior Novelization because I had been wanting to start reading chapter books to my daughter before bed. I knew this was a story she was familiar with and that would help her with imagining the story in her mind as I read. Well, we have watched the movie several times... and this book is still filling us in on all kinds of things we missed! I love hearing my daughter exclaim, "oh that's why that happened!" as we read. Hearing the story explained in such detail and beautiful and engaging. She is excited every night to read the next chapter!

Each one of these books offers something wonderful for children. It takes a story they love and characters they adore and puts it all in their hands whenever they want it. The pictures are beautiful and reliving the story over and over doesn't get old for my daughter. And now she can open up her book, pop in her CD, and head off to Arendelle all on her own.

We also downloaded the app right before we took a long drive to visit family. I had played with it the night before to get a taste of what was in store. My daughter had hours of entertainment in the car while she listened to the story, touched characters to hear snip-it's from the film, and did puzzles and more. The storybook part of the app is just beautiful as you watch snow fall in the ballroom, but the activities just add so much for kids to do. It's a really well done app!

I would highly recommend you check out some of these great books and the app.