Saturday, July 31, 2010

EO Review

I have seen EO products popping up on a lot of blogs and they definitely got my attention. Many people were giving their products rave reviews so I had to head over and check out their website.

While looking at their website my interest grew quickly. One thing that really caught my eye was their honesty. They provide their customers with tons of information about their products and about their company beliefs. When a company is this open and offers this much information I feel that I can trust them and their products. One of the most interesting sections that I found discussed why they don't label their products as organic even though they manufacture products that are certified organic as approved by the California Certified Organic Farmers. With how popular "organic" products are and how just using that word can sell some people, I love that they break it down for you and explain what organic truly means.

I am one of those people who loves natural products. I really never gave it a thought until I had my daughter, but now natural ingredients is something that I look for. I want to keep my daughter safe and healthy, but I also want to do the same for myself so that I can be around for all the wonderful events to come. So I had a lot of fun browsing through EO huge selection of products; everything from cleaning products to self care and perfume.

EO was generous enough to send me some of their products for review. First, before I even tried them I smelled each scent, the Meyer Lemon and the Lavender. They smell clean and refreshing. Love it. I then tried the all purpose soap, hand sanitizer and body wash. Each product was fabulous and felt great on your skin. Nothing felt oily or greasy. I love using the all purpose soap to clean my counters in the kitchen because I know it's safe and it leaves a nice clean scent. Take a look at their great selection of products!