Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tommee Tippee Review

As a mom of a toddler who is exploring food and becoming a much more self sufficient self feeder, finding the right products to help them is tough. I can't even tell you the number of sippy cups, spoons, forks, plates and bowls that we have tried in the hunt to find the perfect one. I think I have pretty much come to the conclusion that there is no perfect feeding equipment when it comes to toddlers. They are going to be messy and aside from super gluing their plate to the table... things will fly.

With that said, I was incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to review some really fabulous products. Tommee Tippee and Mom Bloggers Club were generous enough to send me several items from Tommee Tippee's product line.
These items included a spill proof water bottle, nonslip easy mat and weaning bowl with spoon. I have been really pleased with these products. My daughter is a little young for the water bottle and has some trouble tipping it back far enough. But, she has thrown it and dropped it and it is definitely spill proof and sturdy. I am looking forward to using it in the future.

The nonslip mat and the weaning bowl are now my go to place setting. The nonslip mat sits nicely on her high chair tray and is thin enough that she can't easily pull it up. The bowl becomes suctioned to the center of the mat. I am really impressed with how the bowl and mat are designed because it really holds a suction. I have tried other suction bowls that attach directly to the tray or table and they don't last long. This seems to have a much better hold!

Tommee Tippee products are available at Toys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us store, as well as online at And if you shop for Tommee Tippee Explora products now thru July 23rd you can buy one item and get a second item for 50% off! 

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Life with the Lebedas said...

Those are so cute!! Love em! Great review!