Sunday, July 18, 2010

Good Nite Lite Review

Creating a good sleep pattern with young children is hard. And sometimes just when you think you're in a groove they send you for a loop. If anyone can tell me the secret to getting your child to sleep through the night every night I will be eternally grateful.

But since I don't think anyone has that secret I have something that may be of great interest to all the other parents who may struggle with a sleep schedule. I stumbled across a product called the Good Nite Lite. The Good Nite Lite is a patent pending, behavioral modification device designed to promote a child's ability to get the rest that is critical for healthy development.

Basically what this product does is provide a visual cue to your child. You set the timer for the length of time your child should sleep. During this time a dim moon is illuminated to signal to your child that it's night time. Then in the morning it  becomes a brighter sun.  This is a concept that even very young children can be taught. 

Good Nite Lite was kind enough to send me one of their products for review. I have found it to be easy to use and it illuminates very nicely. I like how it's not bright at night like a typical night light. I think this is an excellent cuing system for children.


Kim said...

I remember seeing these a few years ago when my son was younger. He used to get up so early! Like, 4:30-5:00am early wanting breakfast. I used to have to say...wait until the sun comes up. I didn't get one at the time, I think I should have.