Monday, May 23, 2011

5 Summer Getaways Your Kids Shouldn't Miss!

My family always made an effort to make sure we spent time together as a family. In most cases it really didn't matter where we were going or what we were doing. It was the quality time together that mattered, and my parents always included something special and fun even if it was just a stop at a local ice cream parlor.

Now that my daughter is reaching the age where we can do things as a family and she can really enjoy them, my head is spinning with all the places I want to take her. I want her to have all kinds of experiences and I want them to be wonderful memories with me and her dad there.

The number one on my list was a trip to the zoo. She loves to look out the window and gets excited to see squirrels. She chases birds in the backyard. And our bunny, Thumper, could entertain her all day. This is a must for kids of all ages! Zoos offer so much fun for not a lot of money.

My number 2 is Disney World. While this puts us in a new league of cost, it's something I don't want her to miss. My parents took us several times and I have the best memories! To me it really is the happiest place on Earth and definitely fun for the whole family. Add to that that my husband has only been once and barely remembers it. So it will be special for him, too!

A family tradition we started when she was born is to spend a week at the beach. We did this her first summer because we could rent a house and have all the comforts that infants demand. But now it's a family tradition that we don't want to miss. Last year we stayed in a hotel on the beach that had a pool and it was so much fun! We always go to the same town and have our favorite restaurants.

My fourth location may surprise you. It will definitely surprise my husband when he reads this! But I really do want to take my daughter camping. We are so used to the TV and toys that make noise and phones ringing. I think being out in nature is a great way to bond, make your own fun, and experience the beauty of the great outdoors. I hate bugs, rain, mud... all that stuff. But I do have great memories of camping with my dad and always wished that my mom had gone and it was more of a family event.

And my final must do getaway is..... take a BIG family vacation. I mean everyone. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. This is something I think every family should do. I don't care where we go... beach, camping, fancy hotel. The experience of everyone being together and making memories is priceless. I was never super close with any of my cousins, but we did do a family vacation when I was in middle school and we really got to know each other. We had a blast and I have some amazing memories. We happened to go to Hawaii, which would be GREAT! But I would truly settle for anything. Local works for me, as long as it's an adventure!

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Jenerally Speaking said...

I love those!! I really want to take the girls to the beach. We only live 12 miles from the zoo so we go quite a bit.

Lara said...

That's awesome!! We just discovered how close we are to a zoo, too! I'm hoping to go there this summer a few times. And I also want to get to Sesame Place!

PSD To XHTML said...

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