Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Birthday Bash - Century Novelty Review

When I started to plan my daughter's "Tea for Two" birthday party I knew I wanted to do something special. I wanted to make or create something that we could hold onto. The first thing that came to mind was carrying on a tradition from her first birthday. Last year I painted flower pots that said "Fun to Be One" and had them on every table. They were unique, special, and we still have a couple on our windowsill. We were also able to give one to each of the grandmas, which they loved! So how could I recreate something like that without doing the exact same thing?

While on my search I came across Century Novelty and they had the perfect item! They offered a set of Design Your Own Tea Cup Planters. Wow! This is exactly what I wanted. The set comes with 6 tea cups and 6 saucers. I planned it all out so that each cup would be a little different, but all the cups would be painted in the colors of her party... pink and purple.

My mom and I decided to tackle this project together, which was so much fun. Century Novelty also sent me some small butterflies that we attached to the handles of the tea cups to bring the butterfly theme into it. I think they look perfect!

Century Novelty talked to me about my party plans and picked up on what would add to my theme. They kindly sent me a whole bunch of decorative butterflies that I will hang throughout the yard to create the feeling of being in a butterfly garden.

There were several things about Century Novelty that really impressed me. The first being their wide selection of items. Any kind of party you can imagine, Century Novelty has the decorations and favors! Another was the great customer service. They asked questions and helped me find just what I needed. And finally, their shipping was quick and everything came in great condition.

I would definitely recommend you check out Century Novelty for your party planning needs.


Jenerally Speaking said...

Oh my gosh, I love love love this idea!! Seriously brilliant!! I'm glad I found this post!

Lara said...

Thanks!! I had a blast painting and decorating them. Now I get to plant some pretty flowers in them and hope for sunshine this weekend!