Friday, May 13, 2011

Birthday Bash - Savvylicious Review

Cake Pops are the hot new dessert! I see them everywhere from magazine covers to television to birthday parties we attend. They are the perfect bite size treat and look really nice, too! I decided I was going to jump on the band wagon and make some cake pops. It was an epic fail. I made the cake balls to big, they fell off the stick, the candy coating dripped all over, the sticks were a mess. Basically, they looked terrible but tasted ok.

After the hours I spent on that little adventure I put my cake pop supplies away. While I may not be able to make beautiful cake pops, my daughter can still enjoy them. Savvylicious is the place for you to go if you are looking for those perfect pops.

Savvylicious was started by a mom, just like me! I was following Ana's blog before she even took on the adventure of Savvylicious. She has a beautiful story about her daughter that has inspired her to take on this exciting challenge. You can read all about it on her site under "About Me".

Savvylicious makes amazing cake pops that are light on the inside with a nice shell that is coated so nicely and decorated to your liking. My daughter loves purple and pink, so Savvylicious kindly sent us a dozen chocolate cake pops, covered in a pink shell, and then topped off with purple sprinkles. Every little girls dream!

Savvylicious offers a variety of flavors including Classic Key Lime, Orange Dreamsicle, Double Chocolate, Cookies N Cream, and so many more. You can check out the full menu on their site.


Jenerally Speaking said...

What a neat idea!! Thanks for sharing! :)