Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gift Cards Rock!

The holidays are upon us! Christmas is mere days away and the big questions is.... are you done shopping? Well, the good news is that if you're not there is still plenty of time to give a great gift by picking up a gift card. This year I asked for several different kinds of gift cards for clothing stores, restaurants, and salons. They are exactly what I want!

My mom always asks me why I ask for gift cards when it's basically like giving money. But to me it's really not. If you give me cash I am most likely going to use it on gas or a quick stop at the grocery store. The likelihood that I will put it aside and use it on something I really want is pretty unlikely. But if you give me a gift card to one of my favorite places I have no choice but to use it there! My mother-in-law gives my husband and I gift cards to restaurants all the time. This way we have to use them on ourselves getting out for a night!

But for me one of the best parts of giving a a gift is the packaging. I love to pick out special paper and decorate a gift with a great big bow. So what my family loves to do is package our gift cards up in boxes. This way you could never guess that a gift card was inside, the person receiving gets the joy of opening a gift, and the person giving gets to tie it up pretty in ribbons and bows!

And... the thrill of a gift card keeps giving long after it's been opened! You get the excitement at the moment and you get to experience it all over again when you pick out just what you want and then use your gift card to pay. I love that feeling of not having to spend any of my own money while still getting just what I want.

I love giving and receiving gift cards for all kinds of occasions and to all kinds of family, friends, teachers, neighbors, and others. They are easy and convenient. I can pick up a variety of gift cards in one spot at my local grocery store. And have you seen the deals this holiday season? Some places are giving you a gift card for purchasing one for someone else! Can't beat it!

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