Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snuggle Exhilarations® White Lilac & Spring Flowers Review

I get really excited about laundry products. Is that weird? As much as I don't enjoy doing laundry, I love fresh,c lean clothes straight from the dryer! I try to fold my clothes while they are still warm and it relaxes me. And if there is a lovely, fresh scent to go along with it then I am really in heaven!

So when I was offered the opportunity to check out the new Snuggle Exhilarations® While Lilac & Spring Flowers fabric softener I was excited. It arrived this week and there is never a shortage of laundry at my house, so I put it right to the test.

It only took a small amount of fabric softener for my pretty good size load. After it was done drying I reached in and pulled out a towel and took a big sniff. Ahhh, you really could smell the flowers! I loved that the scent was not overwhelming, but it was present.

The next morning I went into my closet and I could very faintly smell it again! It had lingered on my clothes long enough that I could still smell it the next day. I love that! Fresh smelling laundry is the best! And my clothes and towels felt soft and looked great. I was pleased with the product!

Disclaimer - I was provided with a free sample of the product by All opinions expressed are my own.


Show Me Mama said...

I guess we are both alike. I get insane about cleaning products and on the top of my list is laundry products. I have tried it and oh, my the smell is just amazing. thanks for sharing

Lara said...

The smell is everything! I LOVE it when my clothes smell fresh and clean!