Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Lull

After over a month of preparing... Christmas is over. This year was the most exciting yet! Our little one is 2 and a half and really got into it this year. She knew who Santa was and "wrote"  him a letter, visited him at Santa Land, and looked for his sneaky little elf every day. Her face lit up Christmas morning as she peaked from the staircase to see if the big man had left any goodies under the tree!

This year the hot toys in our house were Buzz Light Year and Woody figures and Rock N Roll Elmo. For me, it's my new iPhone! Yes, I have made the leap into the world of Smart Phones. I love being able to check my e-mail and facebook whenever and wherever I want. I just need to make sure it doesn't become like an extra limb. And as for my husband, he is enjoying a new watch and looking forward to going to a hockey game that he got tickets to. A great Christmas for all!

But the best part was being with our family. This year we were so lucky to have my grandparents with us for the whole weekend. Seeing my daughter with her great grandparents was priceless!

What were the hot items in your house for you and your kids?


Mom vs. the boys said...

I'm staying away from smart phones for as long as possible! lol sounds like a really nice holiday, we still have all of our travelling to do, but our house is free from guests now so we are taking a day to relax and pack