Monday, December 5, 2011

Kidorable: New Dragon Knight Collection and Special Offer!

Kidorable is one of my very favorite companies. I adore that they were able to take functional and fun and make it interchangeable with their products. If you're not familiar with them you really must visit their website! They make practical items (like raincoats, rain boots, umbrellas, hats, gloves, and more) but design them in such a way that they transform into fun themed items!

I have several Kidorable products for my daughter so I can safely say that these items are high quality and built to last! She wears her rain boots even when it's not raining! And they offer such a wide variety of themes that there is something for every boy and girl out there. But in case their variety wasn't wide enough... they have introduced an all new collection!

The Dragon Knight Collection has arrived!

The Dragon Knight collection is steel grey with dark green as accent color, perfect for strong and brave boys.  Some pieces accentuate the Knight, others the Dragon, but there is a nice interplay between both characters throughout the set.  The umbrella has protruding dragon horns and wings, with a knight, fire, and a castle motif along the bottom. The helmet on the matching raincoat is Kidorable’s coolest hood so far.

The child who wears it can imagine himself as a valiant knight fighting the dragon.  The backpack is shaped like a shield for extra play value.  It comes with a little stuffed toy sword. The coat is a new material, PU (polyurethane).  It’s softer and lighter than PVC.  

I got the chance to check this collection out up close in personal. Kidorable very generously sent me the umbrella and I just love it! The deisng is awesome. My favorite part is by far the sword handle. Talk about creating something that encourages kids to want to hold their own umbrella.

Check out the entire collection and all the other collections at Kidorable's website!

*And, for the week of December 5-11 only, use coupon code DRAGON7 to receive a free Dragon Knight umbrella with your order over $20 (make sure you add the Dragon Knight umbrella to your cart first).


Mom vs. the boys said...

we are big fans of this collection too!

Lara said...

Oh I bet your boys love it! It's a great line!

Show Me Mama said...

My daughter has her ladybug umbrella and she just adores it. Love there collection.