Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nonni's Gingerbread Almond Biscotti Review

Nonni’s Biscotti grew out of true Italian tradition. In the little town of Lucca, Italy along narrow cobbled lanes surrounded by elegant piazzas, our Nonni (an endearing term for Grandma) made biscotti to share with family and friends. When Nonni came to America, almost a century ago, she brought the family recipe with her.

To this day, the same family recipe using real eggs, butter and gourmet bittersweet chocolate is still used to give our biscotti a light, crunchy texture that is delicately sweet. Our devotion to quality ingredients has been the foundation for the growth and continued success of the company, and the key reason Nonni’s Biscotti is the number one selling biscotti in the country.

This is the perfect treat to have on hand this holiday season! I previously got the chance to check out some of Nonni's flavors and wrote all about how delicious they are! They even passed the test of my husband who is very picky with his biscotti. His mother makes homemade biscotti for him, so he is hard to please and Nonni's was a hit with him. And I am ITCHING to try the Caramel Latte flavor... that sounds amazing!

The Gingerbread Almond is one of their holiday flavors and will add to any get together this holiday season. It is so easy to have these on hand and provide a festive snack. They are crunchy and delicious! You can use their retail locator to help you find a store near you that carries them. I had never heard of them before this year, and now that I am familiar with them I see them everywhere! Pick a box up when you see them and give them a try!


ElmoFan said...

Yum! I love biscotti. I have to try this!

Lara said...

It's very yummy! And I found them at my Christmas Tree Shop at a great price!

Show Me Mama said...

Looks very yummy indeed. :)