Friday, February 17, 2012

Dora The Explorer: Dora's Easter Adventure on DVD

My daughter is a huge Dora fan and so am I. There aren't too many shows that I feel comfortable putting on and letting my daughter just sit and watch. But Dora has so much to offer in terms of educational value and lessons about friendship.

Dora and her buddy boots are great examples for children on how to be good friends, cheer each other on, and be there to lend a helping hand. In this special Easter DVD they team up to help save the day when Swiper swipes the Hip-Hop Bunny's basket filled with treats for the big egg hunt.

Dora and Boots are great about involving the audience in their adventures. From figuring out which way to go to picking the right tools from their backpack, they keep the viewers engaged and involved. Dora is geared towards preschoolers and supports a lot of the skills that they are learning. From counting to shapes to ABC's. They even solve puzzles and complete patterns. And the kids just love it!

This DVD is a ton of fun and gets kids in the Easter spirit. It also offers two bonus episodes; The Grumpy Old Troll Gets Married and Dora in Troll Land. With these 3 episodes on one disk you get about 66 minutes of adventure! And you won't want to miss the special features where you can sing karaoke.

The suggested retail price for this DVD is $16.99 and can be found at most major retailers. And starting on March 30th until April 8th you can score a $3 off coupon HERE.


Show Me Mama said...

Yes, my daughter is still a dora fan She will watch every dora dvd and will watch again and again. Thanks for sharing.