Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: I Heart Minnie on DVD Today!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: I <3 Minnie has been packaged to include five, fun-filled episodes - each underlining the themes of friendship, teamwork, sharing and problem solving – and an all new bonus feature “You’re Invited to Minnie’s Birthday Party,” as well as two complimentary Best Friend necklaces to keep as mementos and/or to share with a very special someone this Valentine’s Day. 

The five classic episodes include:·       
Minnie & Daisy’s Flower Shower (All-New, Never-Before-Seen) - The botanical highlight of the year is in trouble, unless Minnie and Daisy can get their flowers to bloom! Together, they board the glove balloon to help coax the clouds to sprinkle much needed rain.      

Daisy’s Dance -Clap your hands and tap your feet! Join Daisy, as she gets ready for one of the most important events of her life––performing in the big talent show!       

Daisy’s Pet Project - The Pet Parade is almost here and Daisy needs to find the perfect animal for which she can love and care. But it’s not as easy as she thinks and soon she has three new friends: an elephant named Bubbles, a giraffe called Longfellow and a bunny called Captain Jumps-a-lot!       

Minnie’s Rainbow - After a brightly colored rainbow appears over the clubhouse, Minnie searches for the pot of gold that’s supposed to be at its end. Along the way, she meets a leprechaun and discovers that not all treasure turns out to be as she expected!

Minnie’s Birthday – Today is Minnie’s birthday, but the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse friends need to set up her birthday party.

My daughter is probably the biggest Mickey's Clubhouse fan you will meet, so there was no question in my mind that this latest DVD would be a hit! She was so excited when I told her that she was going to get to celebrate Minnie's birthday with the whole gang. This was a nice DVD for her because it really focused on her two favorites, Minnie and Daisy, while still incorporating the whole gang.

The entire DVD had her engaged and entertained. I love this series because it entertains will keeping the viewer involved. The gang is always asking for help in problem solving. My daughter even calls for "Toodles" when she encounters a problem around the house! I love the message of teamwork and friendship that is portrayed through this DVD and all of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes. It also gets the kids up and moving at the end of each episode... really, who wouldn't want to do the Hot Dog dance?

I would highly recommend this DVD for any child who adores Mickey and his friends. I think this would make the perfect Valentine's Day gift!

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