Monday, February 6, 2012

Treasure Buddies on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack - Now Available!

The Buddies are off on an all new adventure, and this time their journey takes them all the way to the ruins of ancient Egypt where, with the help of some new friends, including Digger the Archeologist dog, Cammy, a baby camel, and a mischievous monkey named Babi, they’ll explore mysterious tombs, dodge treacherous booby traps, and race against a devious cat in search of the greatest treasure known to animalkind, the lost collar of Cleocatra.

This is the third "buddies" movie that I've seen. The first one I ever watched was Spooky Buddies and my initial reaction was that talking dogs were a little weird. But my daughter LOVED it so we found ourselves watching it often. The the holidays came around and we watched Santa Buddies and I found myself enjoying it a lot more. I was familiar with these fuzzy little canines and their unique personalities. Now I have some catching up to do, as this is the 6th movie for these little superstars!!

So we welcomed Treasure Buddies into our house we high expectations of fun loving fur-balls going on crazy adventures, making kid friendly jokes, and undoubtedly getting themselves into some trouble along the way. They also make some new friends along the way, like monkeys and camels... who also talk. The monkey is my new favorite. They are introduced to new foods... yumm bugs... and explore a new place.

I really liked that this movie takes place in Egypt. While the story is totally fictional as they are exploring "Cleocatra's" tomb, it is really nice for kids to be exposed to new places. As they explore pyramids they find hidden passage ways, booby traps at every turn, and even find some ways to make their adventure a little easier.

We had a lot of fun watching this film. It is definitely geared toward kids, but parents can enjoy it as well.

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