Monday, February 27, 2012

Tommee Tippee at Target!

I am very excited to share the news with you that Tommee Tippee is now available at Target and on! Their Closer-to-Nature baby bottles, nipples, pacifiers, and feeding accessories, as well as their explora-toddler cups and feeding products are part of this great new adventure for two great companies.

I am huge fan of Target and tend to go there for most of my shopping. I am also a huge fan of Tommee Tippee, as my daughter has been using their cups for quite some time now. So I am thrilled to be able to purchase Tommee Tippee products at Target!

If you're not familiar with Tommee Tippee you should definitely check out their website. They are the leading feeding brand in the U.K., and they offer a variety of products for a variety of stages. We recently got the chance to check out truly spill proof drink cups, the easi-roll bibs, and the closer to nature pacifier, nipple, teether, and toy wipes.

I adore the truly spill proof drink cups and so does my daughter. They come in a variety of colors, so she was thrilled to see the purple and pink ones we received. She kept showing everyone her "new cup." I really like the design in that it gives me the option of having a spill proof cup, while still reinforcing the natural drinking technique. My daughter currently uses an open cup when she is seated at the table for meals. But when we are on the go this is my go-to cup of choice!

The easi-roll bibs have solved one of my on going problems. It allows me to roll up the bib so that it easily fits into a small diaper bag to take on the go with me. I am thrilled with the material of this bib as it can be quickly and easily wiped clean. This is the only bib I take with me for meals on the go because of how convenient and easy it is to pack and use.

The closer to nature wipes have come in handy on more occasions than I could have imagined. My initial thought was that I was kind of out of the cleaning things on the go because she doesn't have bottles or pacifiers anymore. But with the warmer weather and our frequent trips to the park I was cleaning dropped sippy cups on a daily basis. These wipes are packaged so that they are easy to toss in your diaper bag and go. Really a must have!

I would definitely recommend you check out their website and look for Tommee Tippee at your local Target!


Show Me Mama said...

I love shopping at target and right now I am in the stage for looking at wonderful baby products. I have to go and make a run to target to see them for myself. Thanks for sharing.

Lara said...

Aww such a fun time!! You should def check them out!

Kimberly said...

I was so excited to see this! I used to go to Babies R Us for Tommee Tippee products. Target is so much closer.