Thursday, May 31, 2012

Birthday Bash - Manaia Baby

Talk about talent! This momma has a shop on Etsy that is full of fabulously girly finds. From beautiful headbands to fancy butterfly wings to tutu's and tutu dresses. As you browse all of the handcrafted items you are overcome with bright colors, beautiful flowers, and frills fit for a princess!

I was lucky enough to snatch this momma up for our birthday event. I received one of the tutu dresses inspired by one of my daughter's favorite princess's, Snow White. The minute my daughter saw this sparkly dress she was in love!

These pictures don't do the dress justice as it is actually made of two different types of yellow tulle, one of which is filled with sparkles. I love how the blue and red stand out so nicely with a small pop of color.

My daughter said she felt like a real princess in this dress. She danced around and said she was a ballerina princess!

Manaia Baby has so many wonderful items for you to explore. Whether you are looking for a special tutu dress or some fabulous accessories for a holiday... this is the place to look! She currently has 62 affordable items for you to browse.


Show Me Mama said...

Oh, I love her hair. All curly and pretty and the dress is adorable. Thanks for sharing

Lara said...

Thank you!