Monday, August 6, 2012

Baby Kicks

Last week I was a nervous wreck because I would feel the baby move a lot one day and then not move at all the next. Of course I turned to the ever dangerous Google. I find that Googling during pregnancy can do one of two things.... calm you down or completely freak you out. This time it seemed to calm me down.

The majority of people reported that it was still early (about 20 weeks) and that the baby was a.) still very small and b.) sleeping for very long stretches of the day. Phew. Of course there were a few who made me a little uneasy by saying I should high tail it the ER.

Well, I didn't run to the ER, but I did mention it to my doctor. It seems the majority was correct and I will begin to feel him more and more in the coming weeks. This weekend proved that to be true! He's bouncing around in there like a tiny kangaroo. It was strong enough last night that my husband even felt one of the kicks!

Do you remember the first baby kick? How far along were you?