Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Toga! Toga! Toga!

Halloween is right around the corner! I know in my house we start thinking about costumes months before the big day. But for some reason the focus is always on my daughter. We spend weeks looking at costumes online and asking her what she wants to be. She changes her mind pretty much every week. But, we still have a great time narrowing the selection down and ultimately picking THE costume.

My husband and I are often left with no costume at all. I then find myself running around at the last minute to try and throw something together. Well, this year we have a big family party the weekend before Halloween and we need to dress to impress. Of course I have a whole new challenge this year... finding a costume that will fit over my baby bump!

I asked my husband to dress up with me. I always loved the idea of going as a couple. So we started searching PureCostumes.com to see what options we had. Well, the answer is... many. They have a ton of great costumes for adults. And lots of them can be couples costumes!

So we headed over to take a look at the Greek Costumes to look at togas. I mean really, what can you think of that would hide a baby bump better? And they have a really nice selection with variety. They have sexy ones and more traditional ones. This year I think I will go the more traditional route. But my eye was truly caught by Venus the Goddess of Love. How pretty is this costume?

For the men they have everything from a basic toga to a selection of Greek Gods. They even had a great one that caught my husbands eye... Hercules!

Now is definitely the time to start looking and planning. The prices are great and you can have the perfect costume delivered right to your door for only $3.99 shipping.

Learn more by visiting PureCostumes.com's website and on Facebook and Twitter.


Scentsy Katie Jones said...

It's never to early to start shopping for Halloween. These would be some fun costumes to wear. :)

Lara said...

Don't they look fun?!? I really want a great costume this year.

Show Me Mama said...

Yes, My entire family is in search for their Halloween costumes. I am hosting a Halloween party so we need to look our best but also funny! Love, it I have to look again to make sure what I would like to wear. Thanks for sharing,

Lara said...

It's so hard figuring out the perfect costume when there are so many great choices! Hope you have a great party!

toga costume said...

the entire collection is really beautiful...thanks