Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Children's Books by Stephane Frattini - Review

Stephane Frattini has published more than 50 books in France, but is now bringing us two new books through Sterling Children's Books. Stephane currently lives in France, but he spent his childhood living in Africa. There he was exposed to the natural beauty that exists in the wild. He now shares his love of animals with two books, Tushes & Tails! and Who's Looking at you?.

Tushes and Tails!
Awesome animal photos and a lift-the-flap guessing game equal preschool nonfiction fun! Whose colorful tail feathers are those? Who has a striped rear end? Can you recognize these animal butts? These engaging photographs will keep kids guessing. Lift the flap and see what creature it is - and learn fascinating facts about each one, too!

My Thoughts:
My daughter and I had a blast with this book! It is the perfect book for parents to sit down and have some great interactions with their child. My daughter is really good with her animals. We have dozens of books about animals from all over - the farm, the jungle, the forest, the ocean - and she names most of them with no problem. This book brought about a whole new ballgame. She no longer could just have an animal memorized, she needed to know traits about them to help her figure it out. She knows a tiger when she sees one, but does she relate that a tiger has a tail? Or stripes? When seeing only a piece of animal it takes on a whole new level of learning. 

My daughter loved that the book was hands on. She was excited with each turn of the page that there was a new animals to reveal under the flaps. I was excited that there were some fascinating facts for me to share with her about each animal adding to the educational experience.

You can find Tushes and Tails! at Barnes and Noble.

Who's Looking at You?
Whose eyes flash like mirrors in the dark? What animal can see behind itself? The fun, eye-catching wildlife photography in Who's Looking at You? will keep kids guessing. Each page features a new close-up photo. Life the flap to see the animal's identity and learn more about it!

My Thoughts:
This book has many of the same features of Tushes and Tails. It provides and interactive learning experience that definitely had my daughter turning the pages with excitement. But this one is much more challenging! Wow, who knew an eye could tell you so much about an animal. My daughter didn't know as many of the animals by just seeing their eye, but that didn't keep her from being very interested. 

I would highly recommend these books to any parents of preschoolers. We truly enjoyed them and I love going back and rereading to see what she has remembered from the last time.  

You can find Who's Looking at You? at Barnes and Noble.