Friday, August 24, 2012

Oransi Fridge Air Purifier Review and Giveaway

My fridge scares me a little bit. I feel like it becomes almost like a black hole. There are things stuffed in there that I don't even like to think about. Once a week I bravely go in and dig through my containers of leftover food and try to identify what it is and when we ate it. More often than not I just resort to tossing it rather than taking any chances. And now that my daughter independently goes in the fridge and helps herself to milk or yogurt... sometimes I am greeted by some sort of spill that has oozed through the shelves and dripped every where.

It's a scary place in there and it's up to me to try and keep it in working order. But now I have a helper. Now I have a little magic to help keep it smelling fresh even when it's contents may be questionable. Here is a little about the product:

Silent, intuitive and effective in making your refrigerator smell incredibly fresh. Save money - for starters there are no replacement filters and nothing to clean. The air purifier uses 2 AA batteries that require replacement approximately every 45-90 days. Built-in micro processor controls the operation of the air purifier so it will cycle on and off to save battery life. Silent - no fans. Effective in the removal of odors and bacteria to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh and your food fresher. Conveniently fits anywhere in your refrigerator. Attractive neutral color and cool contemporary design. Patented Piezo-electric technology: allows for a high negative ion output to freshen your refrigerator without the harmful side effects of ozone that is found in standard ionizers.

I like the way this guy works. He is nice and small so I can have him hidden in a back corner where he is out of the way. You don't even know he is there. He is silent and just does his job. I noticed that my fridge does smell fresher after just having him in there overnight. I love that I can forget about him for awhile and just check on his batteries around 45 days into it. 

You can learn more about Oransi and the products they offer by visiting their Facebook page or following them on Twitter. 

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