Monday, November 12, 2012

A Pinypon Party!

Welcome to the world of Pinypon! I had never heard of Pinypon before I was offered the opportunity to host a party for my daughter and her friends. But I am so glad I had this opportunity because it has opened a whole new world of fun toys that my daughter now adores!

The World of Pinypon is a mini-dolls world inhabited by independent and modern girls, who love fashion, accessories and the newest hairstyles. Shopping is one of their favorite things to do! With their pets, they travel the world in their super-cool van going to new places and making new friends. Pinypon is a colorful collection of their interchangeable friends. You can mix and match everything - dresses, accessories, hairstyles and even faces, for tons of fun!

Check out the amazing kit that we received to make our party a huge success!

We received enough Pinypon's for each girl who attended to pick their own. Then they had a blast taking them apart and swapping hairstyles, outfits, accessories and more.

We also received two of the vans, allowing the girls to buddy up for their wild adventures. They went camping, took a road trip, and even took on the long drive to Disney World with their new Pinypon friends!

We also received two Nenuco Newborn Dolls, one for my daughter and one that we gave away as a prize during the party. 

I would say that this party was a huge success. The girls were thrilled that they each got their won doll to take home with them and start creating their own Pinypon world. I was really impressed with how nicely everyone shared and how open the girls were to trading and sharing pieces to create new combinations. These toys really allow for imaginations to go wild in so many ways.
The van had tons of hidden features, like a paddle boat and two surf boards!
Even the youngest party goers were able to change clothing, hair styles, and accessories on their own.
If you take off the hairstyles you can store accessories inside the head for safe keeping.

I can imagine that these toys will be hot this holiday season. If you have a daughter between the ages of 4 and 7 you are in the ideal age group for these toys (though I could see girls continuing to love and play with them for a few years after that).

You can learn more about Pinypon by visiting their website or stopping by their Facebook and Twitter page.

* I received these products for review purposes as part of a MomSelect Party. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.