Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Signazon Review

I often see people who have custom banners created for special occasions. I always look at them and think what a nice touch it is to an event. From family reunions to birthday parties. I see them all the time, but I myself have never had one made. I guess I always figured they would be very expensive. But with a recent opportunity I learned a few things.... they are affordable.... they are easy to design and personalize how you want them... they can last for multiple uses.... and that I really love them!

Signazon gave me this fabulous opportunity to try out creating my own banner and checking it out in person. So my daughter and I took to the computer and started browsing some different categories and getting some ideas. I asked her what kind of banner we should create and of course her mind was already on Christmas! We looked at a few of the Christmas designs and ultimately decided to create a special "Happy Birthday, Jesus" banner.

I love the idea that we are creating a banner that we can use year after year. I often find that we overlook the importance of Christmas day because we do get very caught up in Santa and the presents. So with this banner we will start family tradition of remembering what the day is really about and making it a little birthday celebration!

Creating the banner was beyond easy. We found a layout we liked and simply put in the text we wanted to use. I was able to change the font, color, and size to make it look just how we wanted it to. They had a nice variety of Christmas themed banners, but we felt the one with the nativity scene was most appropriate.

Once my order was submitted I was amazed with the follow up from Signazon. Not only did I receive a confirmation as soon as the order was placed, I also received a shipment confirmation, AND an e-mail with tips and tricks on how to hang my banner. My shipment arrived very quickly. It was a flawless process. Through your process you can also decide to make it suitable for the outdoors for a minimal fee or have it double sided.

I am so glad that I was introduced to Signazon. Their easy to navigate website, simple process, quick shipping, and great prices have made me much more inclined to have special personalized banners at more of my parties and events! I would definitely recommend you check them out today.