Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Spot the Animals - Book Review

If a book can be engaging and spark my daughter's interest it ends up in this drawer. In that drawer are her go-to books that she turns to time and time again. Some we have read so many times that she actually has them memorized and can retell the story word for word. This book has ended up in that drawer.

Spot the Animals is the perfect board book for preschoolers. The bright colors and fun illustrations really draw their attentions. And anything that has flaps to lift is always a hit with my daughter!

My daughter is a big animal lover and takes pride in how she identifies different animals, imitates their sounds, and tells people little facts about them. So this book is right up her alley. On each page she is given just a little peek at who is hiding under the flap. She then uses what she already knows to try and figure out what kind of animals it is. Now that we have read the book so many times she never gets them wrong, but she still gets excited each time she lifts the flap to see if she got the right answer!

I would definitely recommend this for children ages 3 and up who are learning about animals and animal identification  And it's another book created with The American Museum of Natural History.  It's a fun and engaging book!