Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic
Kirsten Hall, illustrated by Simon Mendez

Have a merry, old-fashioned Christmas with this enchanting book! With the pull tab, Santa and reindeer-driven sleigh fly across a beautiful night sky and over the rooftops. Special Christmas moments, and more, magically appear in this stunningly illustrated changing picture book. Kirsten Hall's lyrical verses will delight readers of all ages and simon Mendez's exquisite art brings the holiday season to life. 

My Thoughts:
This book is so unique! I just love how each page takes you to another magical Christmas moment, where right before your eyes, you can see the scene change! Each picture was like a peek into the world of a family celebrating the holidays and it brought such comfort and joy to my heart.

This books is so much fun to read as you rhyme your way to the big moment when Santa appears in the night sky. Each Christmas moment is magical, and there is such excitement as you wait to see what the picture will change to. My daughter really enjoyed pulling the tab to change the pictures. It's a must-have Christmas book!