Monday, April 29, 2013

Bow of the Month with Maddie B's Boutique

Having a little girl was a dream come true for me. I live for all things girly and love to accessorize my little princess. And now that her hair is getting longer (this took forever!) I am all about putting beautiful bows in her hair. There is no better place to find gorgeous bows then Maddie B's Boutique!

Maddie B's Boutique offers the exciting opportunity to be part of a Bow of the Month club. Each month you will receive a beautiful bow available only to members of the club. Each month has a different theme that goes along with holidays and seasons. I love the thrill of finding out what the bow will look like for that month!

Here is a collage featuring the April and May bows for Bow of the Month

The quality of the bowis unbeatable. They are gorgeous from all angles and are truly over-the-top! My daughter loves these bows and has the best time picking out which bow goes best with her outfit for the day.

Aside from Bow of the Month, Maddie B's Boutique offers an amazing variety of boutique bows, character bows, headbands and more. Be sure to check her out on Facebook and Etsy


Show Me Mama said...

I personally love bows and my daughter has a bow with every outfit she is wearing :). Just love how it looks on a girl. Precious :)