Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Down at the Dino Wash Deluxe

Down at the Dino Wash Deluxe
by Tim Myers
illustrated by Macky Pamintuan

How can a dinosaur stay dirt-free in a city? Welcome to the Dino Wash Deluxe, where dinos go to get soaped, scrubbed, and spotlessly clean. The Dino Wash handles it all: scales, spikes, wings, even frills and horns. BUT WAIT! There's a new customer in town: a T-Rex with sharp teeth, long claws, and a mighty mean personality. What will happen when T-Rex shows up? Filled with dinosaur facts and fun, this hilarious picture book reminds children that tough guys might not be as scary as they seem.

Ages 4 - 7

My Thoughts:
This book is fun and adorable! My daughter has been a fan of dinosaurs since she was little, so she couldn't wait to sit down and hear the fun and silly story about dinosaurs going to a car wash. I love that this book is full of fun dino facts. It's a great way to make learning fun! It also teaches a great lesson about facing your fears and learning that not everything is as frightening as it seems.

We had a lot of fun reading this book together. It's the perfect book for laughing, learning and talking about important social lessons. I would definitely recommend this book for little boys and girls!