Sunday, April 25, 2010

BuyGreen.Com Review is a fabulous website!! They offer a great selection of a variety of green products. You can find everything from Notebooks that are 100% recycled to organic toothpaste. They also offer a great selection of items for babies and kids. I had a hard time deciding what item I wanted to review because there were so many things of interest to me. They carry UV Natural Sunscreen for babies, organic cotton onesies and lots of toys. I went with a toy!

Summer is quickly approaching so this toy is quite fitting! I received the Sand Play Set, which is actually made from recycled plastic milk jugs. Everything about this toy set looks great on paper. It has been tested to the highest safety and environmental standards. But how is it as a toy?
It's fabulous! The plastic is sturdy and of much better quality then your typical pale. You can tell that this set was designed to last. I love that it also has a rope handle in place of the usual plastic. I am so excited for my little one to dig in the sand with this safe and high quality set.

You should definitely check out and see their great selection of green items at great prices!