Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cate and Levi Handmade Puppet Review

I love puppets. I love to make them talk and watch my daughter giggle at my silly voices and the puppets moving mouth. I think it's one of the most entertaining imaginary play activities you can take part in with your children. It opens up a whole new world for you and your little one to explore.

The puppets offered by Cate and Levi are incredible. They are all handmade in Canada from all natural and reclaimed materials. And each one is one of a kind! How special is that?

These puppets are very well made. The reclaimed wool that is used is thick and creates a sturdy puppet that can withstand the loving grasp of a child. They are also incredibly unique. I have never seen anything quite like these puppets. They currently offer a selection of 10 different puppets. Each one is adorable and different.

They also offer pillow pals, stuffed animals, zoo cubes and wall art

Cate and Levi also gives back. They donate 10% of their profits to children in need. So not only are you getting an amazingly cute, unique, quality product you are also supporting a great company. I'm a fan!! Check out their puppets and find the perfect one for your child to love for life!