Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fandanglings Review

I was interested in Fandanglings for two reasons. The first.... ever since my daughter was born she has loved to look at a spinning fan. The second.... by the time I had moved my daughter to her nursery it was already time to take her mobile down.

Fandanglings are fantastic! You instantly transform a regular old fan into a giant mobile! They are so easy to attach. You simply put a piece of velcro tape on the top of the fan blade and then attach the Fandangling, which already has the other piece of velcro attached to it. And it comes with a couple extra pieces of tape in case you make a mistake... but you won't.

 I am a very nervous mother and I read somewhere that having a fan on while a baby is sleeping could help reduce the risk of SIDS. Well, we have had the fan on low every single night since my daughter has been born. So this is perfect for us! It even brightens up the room a little since it looks like another decoration.

Once you have them attached you can't put the fan on higher than low. But we had some really hot days and I simply took them down. It's easy and only takes a second.

My daughter loves them! She looks and points and smiles as the "Bugz" fly around the room. They have an adorable selection from bugs to safari animals to under the sea creatures. You should definitely check out their website and look around at their selection. You can also build your own kit with exactly which Fandanglings you love in it. And at only $19.95 you really can't go wrong!


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