Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 2 Weight Loss

I have completed week 2 of my New Years Resolution! I've usually given up by this point... haha! This week was really rough. It was my husband's birthday (Happy Birthday, sweetie!), so we basically ate a lot. He requested a homemade ice cream cake, so I bought the Edy's slow churn since it's lower in calories. But I used the biggest spring pan I had (it looked small before I put the ice cream in) so it took 2 full containers of ice cream! Then we always add stuff to make it even more special, so I added fudge and oreo cookies for a middle layer. Not the best idea, but I wanted to make it special for him. (On a side not... he lost 3 pounds this week!)

So yes, I did eat the cake.... on three different nights. Ah! I am so weak when the stuff in the house. I just need to keep the junk food away. We also went out to dinner, but I was actually pretty good and opted for the grilled salmon.

Since I knew I was not making the best choices by eating the cake I tried to balance it out and ate Smart Ones for every lunch, tried not to snack between meals, and cooked healthier dinners.  Some of my fabulous followers shared some ideas to try to avoid snacking:
1. Brush your teeth or use mouth wash (then you won't want to eat because it will taste funny)
2. Chew a piece of gum
3. Drink a glass of water
4. Clean or do something to keep you busy until the feeling passes
5. Have carrots on hand to munch on
Thanks for all the great ideas, ladies!

So here are my results:
Starting Weight: 177.2
Week 1: 174.8
Week 2: 175
Weekly Gain/Loss: +.2
Total Gain/Loss: -2.2
First Goal: 165 by March 31st

So I gained .2 this week, which is better than I expected. I'm not happy that I gained, but I knew I didn't do as well as I could have. I am happy that I am still on the down side of where I started because I was honestly worried I was back to where I was. I am very aware of my challenges and I plan on working even harder this week to avoid the urges. I am also totally failing with the whole drinking water thing. It's weird, I hate water. I just don't like to drink it and I will notice that I drink absolutely nothing between my morning coffee and whatever I drink with dinner. I am going to work on this. Everyone has told me that if I drink more water I might find that I'm less hungry, and I need to drink more water to simply be healthy. I'm definitely not meeting the daily requirements... haha!

So this week: drink more water, exercise more (the Wii did not get a workout this week... oops), and make better choices when it comes to snacking.

How did you do?


Life with the Lebedas said...

Thats still not bad since you had cake 3 times! Really, if i had cake 3 times I would have gained 10 pounds, lol. It's really hard for me to drink water too. i know exactly how you feel. Glad we all have each other for support. You'll have a better week this week!! :D Oh and Congrats to your hubby and happy birthday!

Looking forward to another week! Thanks Girl for joining us! :D

Michelle said...

Do you like lemon? If so squeeze some of that in your water to give it a little zing. One way to track your water in take is make a pitcher in the morning and slice an orange, lemon into it. You can also slice cucumbers and put in some mint leaves. This is what they serve at a lot of spas...this might help you feel like you are being pampered and drink the whole pitcher that day. Keep moving forward with your goal!

ajsmommy said...

Try making crystal light. It doesn't add calories and flavors your water. Drinking plain water is hard, especailly in the winter when your not hot or sweaty.

Krista said...

Hey...thank you for being the inspiration to use my day off from work to get out my Wii Fit for thirty minutes today. Also, I've discovered HINT water which is flavored (like Crystal Light but a little less sweet). I really like the Strawberry-Kiwi one.

Lara said...

Those are both awesome ideas! I really should try flavoring my water some how. I do like lemon in my water when I go out, and I love lemonade and I checked online and it looks like Crystal Light has a pink lemonade flavor. Thanks ladies!!

Mom vs. the boys said...

ooohh I sooo want a piece of that cake! I would have gladly helped you get rid of that!! lol

Show Me Mama said...

wow, that cake looks good and right now I want a piece. LOL. Have a great day.

S Club Mama said...

good job; just because we eat too much cake (or apple crisp in my case) doesn't mean we should give up! Great job staying positive.

Try Crystal Light (or off brand CL - same thing).

marissa said...

that's fantastic for party food you basically stayed the same i love your little tricks