Monday, June 27, 2011

"Are We There Yet" by Aurora World Inc. Review

Summer usually means that we spend a lot more time traveling. We like to drive down to the shore, my in-laws are in another state, and we have lots more family events to attend. It used to be really easy to travel with my daughter. You plop her in the car and you wouldn't hear a peep from her until you had to wake her up at your destination. Things this year seemed to have changed.

My daughter no longer enjoys sleeping in the car. If we get an hour out of her at nap time... we're lucky. So when the "Are We There Yet" neck rest arrived for review we made a really big deal out of it. We let her carry the box in and open it up. We oo-ed and ahh-ed and talked all about how she could use her special monkey buddy when we go on car trips. She got excited and immediately wanted to play with it. She put it around her waist and we showed her how it's a pillow to go around her neck and emphasized... again... that it's for the car. Once she had explored it we put it away.

When the day finally arrived for the first car trip we made a big deal and brought out her special monkey buddy. She carried it to the car and we got her all settled in. It was nap time, so she conked out for awhile. I loved that the pillow kept her head up, as she had recently begun letting it droop. She looked very comfortable... and super cute all cuddled up. Then when she woke up she pulled the pillow off and began to play with the monkey buddy. This kept her entertained for quite some time! Score... this little guy did double duty. It kept her head up and comfortable and then became a distraction!

Aurora World Inc. is a leading toy and gift manufacturer. They bring you tons of kids favorite items including YooHoo and Friends, Milly, and Dreamy Eyes. The "Are We There Yet" collection is just another great example of the high quality products offered by this outstanding company.

Be sure to check them out on their website, e-commerce site, and of course on Facebook where you can keep up to the date with all the latest!


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Jenerally Speaking said...

lol, i love it!! She's too cute for words and the monkey is adorable too!

Lara said...

Hehe thanks! She loves that monkey!