Thursday, June 2, 2011

Could it be.....

A mommy post! My husband has been making me feel guilty lately about my lack of mommy blog posting. It seems my blog has been filled with reviews and giveaways... but not much about me. Well, as you know last month was my daughter's second birthday and party planning consumed me (in a good way... I would love to be a party planner in my next life). And then the weather has been gorgeous, so weekends and even week days have been filled with getting outside!

Ok ok, enough with the excuses. I guess the real fact of the matter is that I have nothing to say. My life at the moment is really boring in a good way. It's just normal. I'm doing the same things every other mom if a toddler is doing and loving it. But it's not all that interesting.

So rather than boring you with my dilemmas over what size swim diaper to buy (I hate that my daughter is right in between sizes! The mediums are too small and the larges are too big!) or my woes about potty training (yeah, it's just not happening), I figured I would make a confession.

I am addicted to reality TV. Ok, I've said it! A lot of my friends are often surprised to find me a reality TV junky. I'm not sure why they are surprised, but they are. I try to limit what I watch because I will get hooked, not matter how cheesey, trashy, or down right stupid. For example, The Jersey Shore. As a Jersey girl I take a lot of offense to that show. They do not represent New Jersey, they aren't even from New Jersey. Yet we get a bad rap for it. Yet, they have tons of viewers.. me being one of them. I told myself not watch even one episode. Don't fall in with the crowd. Be strong. Then there was an all day marathon on... the end. Hooked. I've watched every episode and season since. Not because I enjoy it. The people on it all drive me nuts. But it's really just such a train wreck that I have to watch and actually look forward to the next season. Ugh!

It doesn't end there. Real Housewives... pretty much any of them, but specifically NJ, OC, Beverly Hills, and NY. They are a guilty pleasure. And it's the same thing. I literally get frustrated watching them and often find myself yelling at the TV, but there I sit night after night.

So now you know a little more about me. Tell me your guilty pleasure!


Mom vs. the boys said...

it's hard to feel motivated to blog when the weathers great and not much is going on. I've seen Jersey shore once, it's a train wreck for sure but I laughed a lot

Sell WoW Accounts said...

why not post pictures of your kids from time to time:)

Lara said...

I know.. the weather is just so gorgeous... I have to get out and enjoy it!!

Hi Sell Wow Accounts! I love to posts pics of my little one. Scroll down and check out her b-day pics and some vacation shots. Thanks for coming by!

Jenn said...

It's hard to sit down and write a mommy post when you have a thousand other things. My problem right now is that I have a million things i have to write about and i don't want to write anything but mommy posts, lol.

Sadly I'm a reality tv junky too!! You just have to see a little and then your hooked. I feel dumber and dumber every time i watch the jersey shore but i still watch it, lol.