Friday, June 17, 2011


Hello all! I haven't gone totally missing. As you know, last Friday was my 5th wedding anniversary. So my sweet husband took my daughter and I to our favorite vacation spot for 5 full days of fun!

 Ok, so it was fun... and stressful. We've traveled every year with our daughter and have always been amazed with how easy it has been. This time was a different story. We were there for 5 days and it took her three to get into any kind of routine. She was skipping naps which was causing meltdowns. We couldn't eat anywhere nice because she didn't want to eat... she wanted to play. She loved the pool but we had to leave the area as soon as she was done swimming because she wanted to run around and it was very crowded.

So, we were exhausted each and every day. But, we made the best of it! We did lots of "kid friendly" activities and ate yummy (fattening) food. It was nice to just be away with the two most special people in the world!

We went to the beach!

And swam in the pool.

We even saw some cool animals at the zoo.

And did lots of walking to try and tire her out!

I hope you all had a great week! I have lots of great reviews and giveaways coming up this week!


m&msmommy said...

She is SO cute! I love her hat in the beach pic! :)

Mom vs. the boys said...

travelling with toddlers is stressful, we are going to torture ourselves again this summer too! lol great pics!

Show Me Mama said...

Oh, she is just a cutie. We can definitely relate to you all but at the end we all made the best of it. You both look amazing and Happy Anniversary!

Lara said...

Thanks! We did manage to have lots of fun... but came home exhausted... haha!

Jenn said...

Love the pictures especially the beach one. Her hat is too cute! Looks like you had such a great time! Happy Anniversary!!

b&b breakfast said...

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