Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back in the USA!

I'm back from a fabulous adventure! This past weekend my brother-in-law got married in Toronto. So last week we loaded up the family for an 8 hour drive to Canada! This was my first time in Canada so I was really excited! And aside from the really, really, really long drive with a two year old... the trip was awesome!

On the way up we stopped in Rochester to see the National Museum of Play.  Totally awesome!!
They had an entire section devoted to Sesame Street and basically recreated the street. My daughter was in her glory with Elmo every where!
Wegman's has recreated a food store for kids! They get to shop for what they want and then check themselves out. And the checkout is fully functioning. What a great learning experience! And then they get to restock the shelves. We spent a long time in there... it's so much fun!
There is so much to see and do! There is a whole story book land and an entire room devoted to the Berenstein Bears. I wish it wasn't 5 hours away from us because I would totally go there all the time!

Then we continued on our way and were in Toronto before dinner! It was awesome to spend an entire weekend with our whole family. My parents and sister were invited as well, so we had all our loved ones with us!

The bride and groom had a gorgeous day... and everyone had a blast!
And my daughter was the cutest flower girl ever! I was so proud of her!
Oh, and my husband made a great best man, too! His speech brought people to tears! I love when siblings are close and best friends!

Then we spent a couple extra days seeing the sites.
My husband was in his glory at the Hockey Hall of Fame. He loved seeing all the Rangers stuff!
We saw lots of animals at the Toronto Zoo.
We made it to the top of the CN Tower and stood on the glass floor.
And ended our trip with a stop at Niagara Falls! Wow, a busy few days!

But now we are home and back to the real world. Look forward to more giveaways and reviews! And of course... we have winners coming soon for some of the open giveaways, so be sure to enter!


Emmi said...

what fun! I've always wanted to go to Canada! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Lara said...

We did have a blast! I kinda wish we had even more time to do stuff!

Mom vs. the boys said...

I was in TO the weekend before and the weekend after your visit!!! boo!!! it would have been so fun to steal an hour for coffee or something together! looks like you had a fabulous visit! wasn't the weather gorgeous!
the bride is so pretty in that pic, so tiny!
I've never heard of the museum of play, I will have to put that on our 'someday' list!

Lara said...

Oh that would have been so awesome to get coffee and meet face to face! We did have a blast... and yes, you should totally put the Museum of Play on your list. It was huge and we could have spent all day there! I think your boys would love it!

Show Me Mama said...

What a fun trip and you all look very nice. Your little one is getting so big. Have a great weekend!

Lara said...

Isn't she getting so big? I can't believe it! Hope you had a great weekend!