Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Squaredy Cats Series 2 Review

I was introduced to Squaredy Cats quite some time ago when they first came out. I looked at them and thought, oh aren't they cute? These cut little kitties are in the shape of a square and have a fluffy, soft tail. Their faces are sweet with their big eyes. But here's the best part....each one has a personality. Each one represents an expression. What are you? Not squared to dance? Not squared to smile? Not squared to be silly?

There is something for every personality out there! And they are super fun to collect because each one is so unique. I haven't seen anything else quite like the Squaredy Cats! They are sure to be a huge hit with kids of a variety of ages.

When our new Squaredy Cat arrived I was anxious to see which one I would pull out of the box. To my pleasure I found one that fit my daughter to a T... Candy - not squared to be sweet! Yes, she a sweet girl... and yes, she loves candy!

The minute my daughter saw Candy sitting on the table she asked for her "new kitty." She then took her Squaredy Cat and introduced her to all her friends. Candy now has a place of honor on her shelf and she even shared her M&M's with her the other day!

Squaredy Cats now have 12 adorable plushes to choose from. You can find them nationally at Toys R Us,, and several independent retailers. And for my Canadian readers, have no fear! They will be available in Canada Toys R Us this December... just in time for the holidays!

Be sure to check out their website and their facebook page. You can also follow them on twitter for news and updates!