Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Flu Free is For Me!

Being a teacher I have had my share of germs and sicknesses. I remember my first year in the classroom I had to use so many sick days. My immune system was not used to working that hard and I hadn't been exposed to a lot of those germs in quite a few years. It really took it's toll on me.

My body did get used to the amount of germs it was being exposed to in the classroom. I was eventually making it through the entire school year without any major illnesses, just a cold here or there. But when I had my daughter the words "flu" and "cold" took on a whole new meaning.

The idea of my daughter getting sick literally scared me. Especially when she was very young. So I took a few steps to make sure that I was doing everything I could to keep her healthy.

1. The Flu Shot - The swine flu really got me crazy. I was terrified my daughter would catch it. But when it was first going around she was too young for the vaccine. So my husband and I did the best would could and got ourselves vaccinated. Now that she is old enough to receive the flu vaccine I make sure she gets it early in the season. I also make sure my husband and myself get it, as well as requesting that close family members consider it as well.

2. Wash Hands - I make a point to wash my hands frequently throughout the day. If I can keep myself healthy there is less chance for me to pass it on to my daughter. I also wash her hands several times a day.

3. Hand Sanitizer - Whenever we are out and about I make sure that I have a hand sanitizer on me. Especially at malls and grocery stores. This way I can clean her hands as soon as we get back to the car, because they will inevitably end up in her mouth before we get home.

4. Disinfect - I am a Lysol freak! I spray my doorknob handles at least once a week during the flu season. I also spray the phones, remotes, computer keyboards, and other frequently touched things. It's a quick and easy step to killing those lingering germs.

5. Stay In - Whenever I can, I stay in. I try to avoid busy places in the dead of winter. I can do a lot of my shopping online and prefer to do that over taking the risk of more germs. I don't want anyone to become a hermit by any means, but when it's not necessary it's nice to stay away from the coughs and sneezes.

Getting sick is part of childhood. This was a difficult reality for me to face. I do want my daughter's body to be exposed to things and learn to fight them off, but I don't want her sick for months at time. So taking some small steps can really make a difference in fighting off some of the germs.

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Emmi said...

Girl I know how tough it is being a teacher/staff in a school and avoiding germs. I used to have lysol wipes and spray and would sanitize the room every time a kid would leave..especially when I was pregnant

Lara said...

Oh yeah! Being pregnant and around germs is scary! Lysol definitely helped me through... lol!