Monday, October 31, 2011

Farm Match iPhone App Review

I often wonder what parents did before technology. The iPad and iPhone have been life savers on more occasions than one. I have found them to be engaging and motivating tools for kids. You can stock pile them with educational, fun apps that can take a long wait in a doctor's office and turn it into a learning experience.

I was recently given the opportunity to review an app called Farm Match (search for it on iTunes as Farm Animals Memory Game). This is a FREE app that is really free. It doesn't have any in app purchases or ask you to buy the full version after you've played one level.

This memory game offers you 3 levels (easy, medium, hard). The level you choose determines the number of cards you will have. When you touch a card it flips over to a bright image of an animal, as well as a voice saying the name of that animal. You can also change the settings to have it make no sound for those times you need a quiet game. But I personally love the idea that it shows the animal and says the name. This is a great learning opportunity to multiple types of learners (audio and visual).

When you make it match is makes a noise and shakes the cards (again, giving a variety of cues). Once the game is over you get a nice image that says "Congratulations" and provides your score and time. It also says "yay!." This is a really nice way of giving children a sense of accomplishment at the completion of their game.

I love when you can offer your child an activity that is both educational and fun. I feel like this app was very well done and covers all bases in terms of learning and entertainment. This app was created by parents and really covers a variety of early learning skills. It requires children to focus, concentrate, memorize, recall information, and learn the names and images of animals. 

I would definitely recommend checking this app out! You can find it on iTunes HERE and learn more about it HERE.