Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Holiday Cards from Tiny Prints

Holiday cards have been a family tradition for as long as I can remember. When I was growing up the holiday card process would start right after Thanksgiving. My mom is an artist, so every year she hand drew our cards and then had them professionally printed at a printer. Many people looked forward to her hand drawn cards and would call to tell her how lovely they were.

I was very impressed with my mother's talent and hoped to some day carry that tradition on. However, I seem to be missing that drawing gene. So I took to sending out store bought cards. Something was lost when I did this. I didn't feel my cards were as personal or special. I longed for the days when someone would call me about my Christmas card and tell me how lovely it was. Little did I know that those days were not too far off.

Two Christmas's ago my holiday card world changed when I suddenly had something beautiful to show off. My husband and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl in May and were anxiously awaiting our first photo card!

We took this opportunity to show off our little angel and had the photos professionally done. We were so excited that we had the cards out on December 1st and shortly after we received our first call. Family and friends were thrilled to see a photo of our now 6 month old baby girl. They commented on her outfit and how happy she looked. They couldn't believe she was sitting up by herself already. Finally we had a card that truly meant something to those who received it.

I look forward to creating our perfect Christmas card every year now. Tiny Prints is a great place to go to do that. They have a wide variety of options with different sizes, different shapes, bright and fun colors, classic looking ones. The possibilities are endless!

I have ordered cards from Tiny Prints in the past, so I can speak from experience about their quality. We ordered birth announcements and Baptism invitations and we were thrilled both times! They are printed on thick card stock and the images and colors are vibrant and clear. I highly recommend you check out their selection of holiday photo cards... or cards for any other occasion!