Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Convertible Designs Review

I absolutely love unique products for kids. And when it's something that is also functional I get even more giddy.  Convertible Designs offers something that I have never seen or even imagined... the T-Jack.
 T-Jack is short for Toy-Jacket. Doesn't that sound intriguing? It really is a toy and a jacket all in one. Above is an image of a child wearing the T-Jack Frog. This jacket can easily and quickly be transformed into a stuffed animal, bag or pillow simply by tucking the jacket into the frog. That's four uses in one product!
Not only is this product adorable and functional, it can also be a huge help to you. Haw many of you have struggled with getting your children to put their coats on? Well putting your coat on just became a whole lot more fun! This looks like a great product.

Convertible Designs also has a very cute line of characters. These characters are featured on t-shirts, onesies and pillows. These characters include the Lovely Ladybug, Tough Turtle, Busy Beetle and Fearless Frog. Each character is unique and adorable.

Convertible Designs has given me the opportunity to review one of their character t-shirts. I decided to pick the Lovely Ladybug on a pink t-shirt for my little girl. The t-shirt is incredibly soft and a great shade of pink. I love how the image stands out. This shirt is perfect for my daughter because her nickname is "Bug" and she certainly is lovely... and a lady.
I am very happy with the design and quality. I have had it through the wash twice and have not had any fading or shrinking. And right now you can save $5 when you buy 2! I would recommend you check out Convertible Designs for unique products for kids!


allthingsnew said...

That's amazing! What a unique product, and you're right, they do have some great characters!

Thanks for sharing about this :)

Show Me Mama said...

Those are really cute. Love your little ones big smile. Those jackets for too beautiful. I know exactly which one my daughter would love. (T-Jack Lady bug) I will have to buy that for her for those cold days. It sure is really unique, never seen that before. Cool product!
Thanks for sharing and great review!