Thursday, August 5, 2010

EIO Kids Cup Review

The EIO Kids Cup is the perfect training cup for making that difficult transition from bottles and sippy cups to regular glasses.
The cup is designed to help children begin to tilt and sip without using the sucking motion. I love that it has an easy grip surface that allows children to get a good grip and hold securely. I also think that they weight of the glass is great because it seems like it would make kids slow down and focus on what they are doing. It really has a new feel for them and can help with emphasizing the big kid drinking.

EIO was generous enough to send me one of their cups for review. My daughter is still too young to start the transition process and would definitely throw this and make a mess since it's not spill proof. So I used it with my friends 2 and half year old daughter. She thought it was really cool and enjoyed using this rather than her sippy cup. It wasn't a flawless trial and she knocked it over and spilled some water, but that is inevitable with this type of transition. But the fact that she was interested and motivated is great. I think this is a great tool!


Unknown said...

Awesome! I love this cup. I totally need one for both of my kiddos! My little boy keeps trying to drink out of plastic water bottles!