Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fall Frenzy Sneak Peek: Dali Decals

I really love decorating with wall decals. You can get such a huge variety of designs and quotes that you can really match your decorations to your personality and style. Dali Decals is a great place to find decals to help you accessorize your home.

Dali Decals offers a huge variety of decals, from shapes and animals to quotes and personalized names. Their decals are high quality and easy to install. They also come off the wall without causing any damage.

Dali Decals gave me the great opportunity to try their decals out in my own home. We have a small bedroom that doesn't have a window, so when I saw the window decal I thought it would be perfect!
As I mentioned before, it was easy to install and was up in a matter of minutes. By just adding something simple I was able to not make the room look any smaller (sometimes putting up something big or busy can make it feel that way) and added something that fits the room perfectly. I think it really looks great!

Dali Wall will be offering three giveaways during the 
Fall Frenzy Event on August 27th!
You will have the opportunity to win one of three $25 gift certificates! One will be available here at Momma Drama and the other two can be found at Life with the Lebedas and Mommy's Free Time!