Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yu-Be Skin Care Review

Yu-Be is the number one selling medicated, vitamin-enriched skin care cream in Japan today. 

I was fortunate enough to receive a few sample from Yu-Be and had the perfect way to put the moisturizing cream to the test. I used to take very good care of my feet, especially in the summer. I had my standing pedicure appointment every two weeks like clock work. Then I had a baby... enough said, right? Lets just say that my "me" time was drastically cut and pedicures were among the first to be cut. This summer I have had a total of 3 in three months. Ick. So my feet are not in great shape, especially since I live in flip flops. My heels are all dry and yucky looking, so that's the area I decided to test out my Yu-Be moisturizing cream.

I was a little hesitant at first because the cream looked very greasy and felt greasy. It has almost like a creamier Vaseline type texture. But I took a small amount and rubbed it into my heel. Wow. I was really impressed. It made a nice coating and blended into my skin quickly and didn't leave any greasy residue. And a few seconds after it was applied it felt really nice, almost like a little tingle. And the difference between the heel I applied it to and the heel I didn't was amazing.

I was very happy with the results of the Yu-Be moisturizing skin cream. If you have dry feet or other areas I would suggest you check them out! They also have some other items that sounds great.


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