Monday, August 16, 2010

The First Birthday Curse

It's official. My sweet little girl has the First Birthday Curse and won't be going to any more first birthday parties. We have had two in the past month and at each one she has ended up with an injury.

Party #1... she got body slammed. Yeah, I'm not kidding. A boy probably twice her size pretended like he was going to give her a hug and shoved her so she fell flat on her back. And then he jumped on her. Thankfully she was on one of those rubber alphabet mats, otherwise she probably would have cracked her head open.

Party #2... her first pavement injury. I have kept my daughter pretty much contained to the grass as she learns to be more stable on her feet. But this party was a wide open space and she ran with it. She was all over the place and I knew she was going to fall. So when she finally did fall hard enough for me to expect blood I ran and looked at her knees. They were red but not bleeding. Phew.... we survived. Then I looked at my husbands shirt (he was holding her) and he was all bloody.... weird. Yup she removed about two layers of skin on her hand. It was bleeding a lot and since she literally scrapped away layers I wanted to put a band aid on to keep it clean. She proceeded to try and eat the band aid.

I know I'm a nervous mother. I would have this kid in a bubble if I could. But man, being a mom is traumatizing!


Emmi said...

Poor Leah! Yep! That would be enough to keep me away from 1st b-day parties! LOL
At my daughter's second b-day party my friend's almost one year old hit my one year old with a toy frying pan! At least it wasn't a real one! LOL I just about had a heart attack!

FrugalQponMom said...

Awww, I am sorry about your baby getting hurt. It doesn't seem to get any easier when they get older. One of mine seems to have been pretty lucky with not getting injured and she is now almost 19 but my younger one that is 15 is the "boo boo magnet"...still! And it doesn't get any easier! If fact, just a few weeks ago we got a text from her when she was supposed to be at a church softball game (watching from the stands) that she broke her finger and the bone was sticking out! How can that happen from sitting in the stands??? Needless to say, she fractured it bouncing a soccerball with friends and she will live but like I was saying, it just doesn't get any easier and yes, we still want to keep ours in a bubble! Best of luck to you and your precious baby!!

Mom vs. the boys said...

wow, that body slam would have pissed me off so bad I would have left the party right then!
parties are accidents waiting to happen!

Lara said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who becomes a mess with any and all injuries!

Oh Emmi... haha! Yes thank goodness it was a toy frying pan!

FrugalQponMom... I hope your daughter's finger is ok! Scary that you can get that kind of injury from a soccer ball. Time to invent this bubble for our kids!

Mom Vs. the Boys... Parties are dangerous! Who woulda thought? I kept her on the other side of the room the rest of the time. I felt bad because she wanted to play with the kids... but it was just a crazy situation and she's so tiny :)

Sarah said...

Aww! That does happen huh? I get annoyed with larger kids pushing my petite lil girl around at playgrounds. I try to ignore it, but I guess like every mom, I'm just so partial to my own! It's so hard once they start walking around and trying to run to keep them safe all the time. I'm planning a suit made out of bubble wrap. I'll send you one!

sara said...

Poor baby! I hope that older kid gots in all kinds of trouble!

Mary A. said...

Aww! I felt the same need to keep mine in a bubble. Hopefully someone explained to the older kid that you don't do something like that to anyone.

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