Monday, March 19, 2012

A Disney Day with The Princess and Me

The Princess and Me is a fabulous Etsy shop that offers well over 100 adorable accessories for the little girl in your life. They have everything from solid colored bows to bows with characters to a great selection of holiday bows. They also offer flowers and embellished hats. You have to take a look and browse the incredible selection!

The Princess and Me sent me a beautiful Minnie Mouse bow for this event that I just adore! I love how it is created with a variety of colors and ribbon selections. The Minnie in the center really pops with the pink that surrounds it. And the polka dot and zebra are so funky and fun!

My daughter was so excited by this bow. And I love that it is pink since most of her outfits are pink. It is very well made and secured on a clip that is easy to stay in her fine hair. 

I would highly recommend you check out the great selection offered at The Princess and Me. The prices are fantastic and the quality is even better. They stay-at-home mom behind this business clearly puts love and time into each piece. And be sure to check them out on Facebook for sales and other information!


Show Me Mama said...

I love bows on my daughter. She will not leave the house without something in hair. Your daughter looks so cute with the bow in her hair.

Lara said...

Haha, Love it! Girls will be girls :)